Last year we decided to look at other products we could offer you the customer, so we listened to what people were asking for when making there first inquiry with us, and garage doors was mentioned on quite a few occasions.

So we looked into garage doors to see what the best product was, and we bumped into a company called Access Garage Doors who we found to be a respected company in the garage door industry (after a lot of research).

After talks with Access we are now using them as one of our affiliated companies.

The process will be:

  • you make an inquiry with us
  • we pass on your details to access garage doors
  • Access arrange a site visit to measure up
  • Access then send us the estimate to send to you
  • After you accept the estimate we instruct Access to go ahead with the work

Reasons for coming direct to us

Access stay firmly under our control and the guarantee is given by us so even if (although very unlikely) Access stop trading we will honor the guarantee so you know you can come to us with any problems or queries you may have.

The main benefit of coming to us instead of going direct is we get a substantial discount which we can pass on to you so you will get your Garage Door for less.

For more information on Access garage Doors you can visit there website on:


If you would like to talk to us about getting a Garage Door installed please call 01737644011 and ask for either Anthony Jacks or Robert Richardson.

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