Security Gates

Xpanda Double Diamond Emergency Exit

The Double Diamond has been specifically designed for securing emergency exits and vulnerable glass entrance doors. The unique design enables occupants to unlock the gate from inside the premises by rotating an innovative thumb-turn lock. This keyless operation ensures that a quick and safe exit can be achieved at all times. As with the Saftidor there are no tracks and the Double Diamond hinges aside as standard.

The attack side of the gate retains a key operated lock to restrict access. Importantly, the tight diamond pattern combined with a shielding plate, prevents intruders from reaching through the lattices to unlock the gate. The Double Diamond can provide a highly effective barrier against smash and grab raids.

  • Specifically designed for securing emergency exit doors and vulnerable glass door entrances.
  • Double Diamond doors can be unlocked from inside the premises by means of a thumb-turn lock, ensuring a quick keyless exit in emergencies but providing a very effective deterrent to potential intruders.
  • There are no tracks and the door hinges aside as standard if required.
  • The tight diamond pattern combines with a protection plate to prevent intruders from reaching through the lattices to unlock the gate.
  • Particularly effective against ‘smash and grab’ raids.
  • Can also be installed with L250B lock pack in non emergency exit applications.

Xpanda Saftidor Retractable Gates

Saftidor is designed for applications where aesthetics are a key consideration. There is a choice of locking systems and unlike conventional retractable gates, Saftidor does not use top or bottom tracks making it very easy to operate. The square steel lattice sections are connected by high tensile rivets and allow the Saftidor to fold to just 15% of its locked size.

All components are phosphate treated and finished in a resilient white gloss coating. Saftidor provides an attractive visual deterrent against traditional break-in methods. The wide range of standard stock sizes can be quickly and easily fitted in almost any setting, including commercial, domestic and industrial applications. Used in combination, this system is also ideal for shop fronts, with no tracks or other fittings to obstruct the display of goods.

Saftidors can be installed using adjustable posts at regular intervals to provide the necessary support without having to use top supports or tracks.

  • The Saftidor is a diamond mesh collapsible gate, available in 7 standard widths and 2 heights (2 metres & 2.5 metres).
  • Top Tracks are not supplied as standard but they are available as an optional extra in either a 2 or 3 metre length.
  • Security can be enhanced with the addition of certain brackets (see below).
  • Saftidors can be cut down in height for an extra charge (see below).
  • The sashes come supplied as standard with a pair of hinges and are finished in white. Add price of lock or lock pack as required.
  • The S8 castor is recommended on all widths of 1150mm and above. If you require an S8 castor please ensure you allow 45mm for the height of the castor wheel when calculating for fitting the Saftidor within a reveal.

Xpanda Saftiwindows

Based on the highly successful Saftidor retractable gate system, Saftiwindow is also available from stock to suit almost any size or shape of opening. The gates’ sashes fold back quickly and easily to provide maximum visibility when not in use. In domestic situations, they can be completely concealed behind curtains when open. Fitting on the inside deters would-be thieves, who must break the glass before they can tackle this security measure.

  • The Saftiwindow has a slightly different lock to the Saftidor, but it is still the same basic design.
  • Saftiwindow is available in 2 widths and 5 heights, and like the Saftidor it can be used in a double sash format which correspondingly doubles the width options.
  • Security can be enhanced with the addition of certain brackets. The sashes are supplied as standard with a pair of S4 butt hinges and finished in white. These hinges give a unique hinge facility.

SeceuroShield 3800

The SeceuroShield 3800 extruded aluminium slat is for higher security domestic use and medium security for commercial, retail and counter/cabinet applications.  For applications up to 3000mm wide when electrically operated.

A popular profile for a neat finish

  • SeceuroShield 3800 strong extruded aluminium
  • For higher security domestic, medium security office/commercial use
  • Spans widths up to 3000mm
  • Can be mixed with SeceuroVision 3800 for partial vision

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